We Are Community for the week of November 2nd, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


By midweek, I usually have a good idea what I will write about in this column and am running phrases through my head.  All of this week’s thoughts were changed at church this morning.  Only you can judge whether this is good or not.

Yesterday was Halloween.  For many that means Trick or Treating, dressing up, perhaps attending parties or more.  I am sure few of us actually think of the true meaning of Halloween-All Saints Eve. All Saints Day is day we are to remember those who have gone on before us.  If you have lived to be ten or so, you will  have lost someone or a beloved pet.  You have known loss.

Pastor Sheri has been using well known quotes from the Bible as sermon basics for the last several weeks.  Today’s quote could have been “Jesus wept”.  We also got the back story.  Jesus was friends with Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus that their brother Lazarus was ill.  Lazarus died before Jesus arrived.  When Jesus did arrive, Lazarus had already been gone for four days.  We probably all know the rest of the story-how Jesus asked that Lazarus be brought from the tomb and how he brought him back to life.  That does not happen for the rest of us at least not that we understand.  We do not know if Lazarus was also a husband or a father. We do know that many others were impacted by his death.

Pastor Sheri  sang “In The Garden”, one of the songs Don Switzer sang at my husband’s funeral.  If she had  also chosen “Color My World” which he also sang, don’t think I would have made it through the service.  Anyway All Saints Day means different things to different people.

As there are several in our church who have lost their spouses, I am sure this is one of those difficult days for them just as it is for someone who has lost a child, a parent, a sibling or a friend.  If you are lucky enough to find another partner, that is wonderful but the memory of any loved one is never replaced but that love is just added to.  There should be no limit to the love that we can give.

This week is the election.  The election cycle has been bitter and truly ugly.  Most everyone has strong feelings and each “side” thinks that their feelings are the correct ones and that if they “lose”, then the world will come crushing down.  Try to remember that each “side” feels just as passionately as the other.  Probably neither political party has it all correct, but neither is either party all wrong.  We need to strive for a balanced budget while helping those in need.  We need money for schools without taxing people so highly that they move out of state.

What we do not need is hate.  Vote, if your party prevails that is good for you but realize that there are just as many people devastated by the out come of the election.  Close the “hate” suitcase and move on.  Work with what we have to make a better country for all of us.  Voting strictly along party lines is not good for our country.

I have seen a food truck parked on the Plymouth Square on the weekends for several weeks.  It is the Turbo Fire Trailer from Mt. Sterling.  Their flyer indicates that they serve flat bread pizza, grinders and salads.  They plan to be here for several more weekends.  I think that food trailers may be prevalent in the future as Covid is changing the way we have lived.

We had snow in October again this year.  Not nearly as much as last year.  The leaf color is fantastic.  Hope you are taking time to just sit and enjoy them for a bit each day.

Stocked up on bird and squirrel food this week.  Am trying out some new bird seed in an attempt to attract a wider variety of birds.  The face book site “Illinois Birding Network” is inspiring me.  Hy Vee seems to have the best buy on ear corn for squirrels if you don’t happen to have your own corn field.

Had another coon on the roof this week.  This really concerns me and that is what I originally was going to write about.  Maybe next week!  One less coon in the neighborhood.  Hope it does not swim across the river to return to its friends.

The weekend was eventful.  Halloween, full moon, time change and more.  Hope you made it through all those events as well as possible.

This is going to be a difficult week.  Half the population is going to be disappointed with the outcome of the election.  Be a good winner or loser, and be kind to those around you.


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