We Are Community for the week of November 7th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 122

A few of you might remember a song “How Much is that Doggie in the Window”.  However how about one that tells of a kitty in the window.  Had a voice mail telling me I had a kitty in the window of Antiques Too.  When I went to check, the kitty must have found a comfortable spot to bed down because it would not answer my call.  So thankful to live in a small town where people notice and care about such a small thing.

This week contained Halloween.  As I had some surgery on my leg on Monday and then had to go to Macomb to get medicine, I did not get on the front porch until a bit later than I wanted.  Did have some guests stop by and enjoyed one whole family who dressed up and came to visit.  There is left over candy at the store so stop by if you like Tootsie Rolls.

Standing in line at the White House, visiting Grand Canyon or going to a movie in Rushville, there is always some one I know there!  Facebook let me know that there was a movie playing at the Princess Theater that I had wanted to see so headed over on Sunday evening.  As I was headed up the aisle, saw friends who asked if I could drop by to pick up my ceramic project from a couple of weeks ago.   Sounded like a good idea and would save them a trip to bring it to Plymouth.  Also have told you that I used to be extremely shy but now can talk to most anyone.  Well, those two traits clashed Sunday evening.  A lady, who I had never met, seemed to want to tell me about her kidney stones before, during and after I visited the “girls room”.  Problem was I had the other friends waiting for me.  Difficult to both seem interested in a medical history and to not keep my friends waiting.  Love life!

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  There were two members absent.  As have mentioned the Village Attorney is running for office so this may be his last meeting as our attorney.  Was glad to hear him say that he would have a couple of suggestions for a new attorney.  Were presentations by a garbage company and by an engineering firm.  If we keep the same garbage company which we currently use, there will be a price increase because they are raising their rates.  Other firms will be contacted to see if we can get a better price.  Plymouth had looked into getting solar panels to help with electricity costs for the Village.  The proposal for panels at the lagoon was turned down because the lagoon is not within village limits.

Attended the Lowderman auction on Thursday.  Was interesting as always.  I have spinning wheels of all kinds in the store-walking wool wheels, flax wheels and even wheels driven by an external drive and now I have another walking wheel and all the parts for another as it fell apart before it was sold.  Hopefully I got all the parts!

Read several newspapers and always look at the recipes especially the ones from the Amish lady whose column is carried by the Quincy paper.  Cut one out and bought the ingredients for it this week.  Tried it as it sounded good.  There is currently a rather large mass of something in my frig which contains pasta, cheese, spaghetti sauce, meatballs and a few seasonings.  I know my kitties won’t touch it.  Am currently on the fence as whether to give it to the racoons or to sacrifice another jar of spaghetti sauce to it to give it some flavor.   All recipes cannot be winners.

There was an auction in Missouri which had two hair wreaths on it.  Friends texted photos and wanted to know if I wanted them.  Of course I did, so they bought them for me and delivered them this week.  One is quite different and will go directly into my collection.  Thank you, Dave and Debbie!

My trees are bare but the ground is covered with leaves.  Have had a couple of sessions of leaf mowing.  More to come.  Will miss those lovely leaves looking in my window in the mornings.  They have been so pretty.

Hope you have had a chance to enjoy the fall foliage and the nice fall days.  Remember to be thankful for each day.  Scatter kindness and love.


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