We Are Community for the week of October 31st, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 121

As the leaves are falling from the trees so are our friends and neighbors.  On October 22nd, Mike Creek of Quincy passed. He was involved in many aspects of sports in Quincy and was married to Pat Sprick Creek with whom I taught at Central.  On October 25th, Russel Lawson passed in Indiana.  He farmed in our area.  Rick Twidwell left us on October 27th.  He lived in Nauvoo and had worked at Yetters for 39 years.  So sorry for all these losses.  Please keep the friends and family of these people in your thoughts and prayers.

On Monday the Illinois Education Association Retired group met in Rushville.  We had a short meeting then went to the Hub to paint a ceramic Christmas tree trinket box.  My first attempt at ceramics.  Should be interesting to see the fired finished product as I think it will look quite different from the painted look.  Not sure that is going to be a future hobby!

Finally, back in the store on Tuesday after being gone to COIPS convention.  In only one day’s mail I had 15 letters asking for money.  Two of them contained Christmas cards which I had not asked for but for which they wanted me to pay.  Another had return address labels.  Sometimes I get as high as 3 sets of labels in a day.  Such a waste.  If these companies would not mail out all these unwanted things, they might have enough money to do what they want.

Think I have probably told you that I have given up soda and encouraged you to do so also.  Read of another study this week.  It found that drinking only 6 ounces of soda daily lead to a 20% increase of heart related events, attack or stroke, and even worse was drinking diet soda which increased the heart events to 32 %.  Soda is an easy thing to give up for your health.

Learned a new word this week.  We all know the word paranoid where we think the world or someone is “out to get us”.  But how about Pronoic where we think the world or people conspire to do good to them.  Love it.  Seems that neither Google or Webster know of this word.

Hancock County Retired Teaches will meet Monday, November 14th at the 1st UMC in Carthage at 11:30 am.  A turkey dinner will be served.  Please call 217 430 6487 by Nov 10th for reservations.

The new TV season has begun.  I am happy to see some shows trying to make positive social statements. Don’t have much time to watch TV currently but that will change when it gets dark at 4:30. Don’t care much for all the blood and gore but do enjoy a good romance movie.

There was a Walk, Run, Roll in the Plymouth Park on Saturday.  I had a dream that 600 people attended the event partially in honor of Gary Hurt’s 60th birthday.  Don’t think the turnout was quite that high but there was a good turnout and I hope the event will continue.  Thanks to all who helped and I hope the event was successful.

Saw cranberries in Walmart.  Wish they were in the stores year around.  I fix cranberry relish and it is good with everything and should not be limited to Thanksgiving and Christmas. In your food processor add 1 orange not pealed and ½ to 1 cup of sugar.  Process until coarsely ground.  Add one package of washed fresh cranberries and process.  Add 1 apple with seeds removed and process.  Add a hand full of English walnuts and briefly process.  This is better the next day after the flavors have enhanced.

It has been a beautiful fall.  The leaves and the sunsets have been just wonderful.  I hope you take time to really look at them and enjoy them.  Thank God for each day which you are granted.  Everyone has problems-they may be large or small or both so do your best to be kind to all.  We should not have to deal with wars, food shortages, hatred, political divide, hating others for their religious beliefs or their skin color. We cannot change the world, but we can change our small corner of the world and if everyone changed their small corner, the world would be changed!  Scatter kindness and love.






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