We Are Community for the week of Oct. 24th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

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Our sympathy to the family of Clarence Roberts who passed on October 15th.  He was a 1966 graduate of Plymouth High School.  Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

Went to Macomb on Monday as I brought in a new tiny kitten.  Had to get some kitten food for it.  Walmart even had Meow Mix as they have not had any for several weeks. Also got the oil changed in my van as I had to go to Peoria this week.  Always make your trips count so I also got both my flu and covid booster.  Got one in each arm.  Perhaps one should get them separately as when one tries to sleep you can’t turn over without being on a sore arm.  Soreness only lasted a couple of days and not bad.  Now the arm with the covid shot itches some.  Glad I have them done and suggest you do also as it takes a while to build your immunity.

Made a very fast trip to Hannibal to pick up commemoratives for the stoneware convention.  Needed gas, so filled up at Sam’s in Quincy at 3.54.  Only problem was when I crossed into Missouri a few minutes later, gas was 3.39.  Oh well!

Wednesday was spent tending the store and loading stoneware for the convention.  Our convention is held at the Stoney Creek Inn in East Peoria.  The drive up was lovely.  Our trees are now in prime color.  East Peoria sits  on the river so got some lovely photos of the river while I was there.  The drive home was lovely and the trees in my yard are breathtaking.  The colors are so vivid this year.  When I left on Thursday only one tree had a lot of color.  When I returned on Sunday, they were dazzling.  Even the bald cypress has pretty well changed colors.

Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware, COIPS, has an annual convention in East Peoria.  It is well attended and many events happen there.  On Thursday evening we had our first Board meeting and rooms were open for sales.  I have no ide just how much stoneware changed hands but I am sure I would be amazed.  Though the price of most all antiques has fallen greatly, stoneware has not and White Hall stoneware is hot!  Friday, we had many more people arrive for the convention.  There was a social with lots of food and more room sales.

Saturday is the big day.  I got up at 6 am to set up a display.  The title of my display was “Everyone deserves an affordable home”.  I had a red, white and blue table skirt and a sign carrying stoneware groundhog.  Then each bird, sheep, reptile etc. had a stoneware home adjacent to it.  Really don’t think many people caught on!  It is after all an election year and had to be just a bit political.

After setting up the display, unloaded for the show and sale.  Lunch then a seminar on Macomb potteries and stoneware.  Our area had many, many potteries.  Then business meeting, dinner, slide show and live auction.  Then another Board meeting.  Very long day.  You just have to love stoneware to put yourself through all that!

Since I was in Peoria for most of four days, am not sure what happened here so I am sure I have missed some very important happenings.  Sorry.

Hope you had a good week.  Hope you have and will take time to enjoy the beautiful fall colors.  Remember to scatter kindness and love.

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