We Are Community for the week of Oct. 25th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Friends are family we choose or who choose us.  When one of my doctors sent me to a specialist, she said that I should have someone drive me.  It occurred to me that this could be a problem as I have very little family.  Turned out it wasn’t.  A friend offered to drive me to Quincy and even stayed with me during the medical procedure.  Now that is family.  I am  grateful.

Then there was another problem during the same days.  I had bought furniture in Macomb.  It was Spoon River time so my van was full.  When Spoon River was over, it took time to unload and relocate the items to their proper places.  Then there was the fact that some of  the  furniture was too large for my van and then there also became the issue of not wanting to cause any problems with the many stitches in my face.  More friends stepped up.  They went to Macomb and picked up my furniture  in their truck and delivered it to my store.  I am especially grateful for all these friends this week.

Think how nice our world could be if each of us was a “friend” to all those around us.  We would help each other out when needed and just be there for each other.  An ideal world.

This week was also the Collectors of Illinois Pottery and Stoneware convention in East Peoria.  I always take some stoneware and books to sell.  Instead of loading full boxes, I loaded them half full so they were not so heavy.  Got my items in the van on Wednesday leaving room to buy at the stoneware auction.  It was a great convention.  Since we were unable to meet last year due to covid, I had not seen many of the people for a year and in some cases much longer.  Really nice to be able to be together again. It was also nice to actually meet the people one interacts with on our face book page. I had a room on the third floor of the hotel which is not great if you are moving stoneware but was very nice because it had a balcony.  I did not even know the hotel had rooms with balconies.  When there was some down time, it was really great to be able to go out on the balcony and view the moon and clouds.   We have a stoneware auction near the end of the convention.  Many people are looking for that special piece to fit into their collection.  When one has a store, one can buy anything that is selling for less than it is worth, it does not have to fit into a collection.  Got a good variety of crocks, bowls, lids and commemoratives. My van is pretty full and I should be able to get everything unloaded after Monday.

Think I mentioned that I had a B&B full of dog judges last weekend.  The breed of dogs is German Drahthaar.  Am looking forward to actually meeting one of these dogs.

Made it home Sunday afternoon just in time for chicken at Rudy’s.  Their chicken is just so good!

Dumped 2.4 inches of rain out of my gauge and it has continued to rain more.  Hope most of the crops are out of the fields as this will set back the harvest for a while.

Have a good week.  Look around you.  If someone looks like they could use a friend, try to be that person.  Scatter friendship!

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