We Are Community for the week of Oct 18th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Interesting week at the B&B.  My two hunters and their three children left on Monday morning.  Hope they had an enjoyable weekend despite not taking home any deer.  Thursday through Sunday morning the house was filled with judges for dog trials held at or near Carthage.  I need to learn more about this group. One set of judges was from Oklahoma and another from Utah.  Am not sure where the third was from as I never saw him long enough to get a name or address.  Anyway what I did learn was very interesting.  There was a frozen bunny and duck involved because one judge had to go check on their condition.  Told him he could not use any of the bunnies from my yard! Know that the dogs have to pass specific tests before they can go into the breeding chain.  Will try to learn more and pass it on later.  Know that the dogs are a German breed and that I cannot pronounce the name!  Hope I will get the opportunity to actually observe some of the tests in the future.  These were really great guests.  They left early and came in late and I did not have to fix breakfast-actually would have liked to get to talk to them more and learn more about them and the dogs.

We have had rain here in Plymouth.  My gauge showed 2.3 inches and then another 1.3 inches in two days.

On Tuesday, my butterfly bushes were filled with Monarch butterflies.  I suspect they were gathering to migrate.  Good to see so many of them as that has not been the case for a few years.

Mary Morgan brought  a document box to the store on Tuesday.  In the box were many letters and documents from a Carter family.  Also there was a letter from a photographer and a photo of President and Mrs. Carter.  Can’t wait to find time to read all the documents.  Eventually they will go to the Historic Society for safe keeping.

Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening.  The program was given by Randallynn Smith on her adventures in Germany.  I was very impressed with many of the things she told us about life In Germany.  There are heavy fines for littering so there is no littering.  Everything is recycled.  People walk lots so people are in better health.  Restaurants offer outside seating in all weather and more.  Really some good ideas there that America needs to adopt.

As I knew that I would be having guests this weekend and as it was to get cold, I turned on my heat Wednesday evening.  Furnace came on but radiators never did get warm even after two hours.  Stopped by Hollister’s on Thursday morning and asked them to send someone to check my furnace.  A very nice gentleman came on Friday morning and could find nothing wrong but I now have heat.  Very grateful for that.

Thursday’s auction had some interesting smalls including some really nice glassware, silverware and two rooms of furniture.  Got some things for the store and one hand woven rug that I may have to bring home.  It has good length and contains my favorite color, yellow.  Think it would look great in front of my sink.

Finally got all the things out of my van and got them put away on Saturday.  Still have some furniture to pick up in Macomb.  Hope for patience from the sellers.

Has come to my attention again this week how unkind some people can be.  If you get an email, a phone call or a text, do not assume that it is from whom it seems to be.  There are people out there who will do about anything to get your information.  Do not answer any questions about sensitive information.  Do not give account numbers, birth dates, pass words, social security numbers or any of this type of information in response to these inquiries.  I am not sure how this is possible but it seems that anyone can use an app to trick people into thinking a call, text or email is from a trusted source when in fact it is not.  If someone says something unkind to or about you, it may not even be from the person who appears to have sent it.  Bottom line, just don’t give out any sensitive information!

Was reading an old paper and found that Gene Whitford had passed.  Their property, north of Calmar, was always kept beautifully.  Our sympathy to his friends and family.

Also got word that Norma Gooding of Plymouth is in need of prayers.   I will never mention specific names in this column without permission but there is a  friend who has suffered a stroke, friends with cancer and other serious illnesses.  Please keep these people in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a good week.  If possible take time to stop and enjoy the sunsets.  Be kind to those around you, often we have no idea what problems they are facing.  Scatter Kindness and just perhaps it will flow back to you.

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