We Are Community for the week of Oct. 11th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


Well another Spoon River is in the books.  By all accounts it was a good one!  Took new merchandise over for three of the four days.  Sold well.  Also had many return customers and friends stop by the booth to buy or chat.  The food was just wonderful as usual.  On the last Sunday the Red Brick School added beef and noodles to the normal chicken and noodles.  Had coconut crème pie for breakfast every day and enjoyed each bite.  Had friends who did not seem to mind being “slave labor” to help me move everything home tonight.  And when I had a low tire light come on during the drive home, they even had a tire gauge.  How do you beat that.  A big thank you to everyone who works so long and hard at the Red Brick School to make an enjoyable experience for every one there and for those who visit.   After I get some sleep, I will be looking forward to Spoon River 2022.  A lot of work but so good to be with friends and have the whole Spoon River experience.

On another Spoon River note, I had a lady buy a piece of American Fostoria for a person whose home had burned and she lost her whole collection.  That was such a kind act.  In this day, when so much conflict is happening, we need to remember that there are still lots and lots of wonderful caring people in our world.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  All members were present and the meeting went well.  It is hoped that the former grocery store building on the Square will be cleaned up by November.  Trick or Treating hours will be from 5-8 pm on Halloween night, Sunday.  If there are more happenings on Halloween, there will be an “all call” with details.  A police chief and two officers were also hired.  Really glad to see that.  Two of the gentlemen are known to me and I talked to the third for a while and think they will be a good fit for the Village.  They are Matt Clark, Andy Beck and Tim DeWitt.

I planted several tomato plants this year and have had unusual happenings with them.  First about half the tomatoes rotted before they were ready to pick.  Secondly often when I go out to pick a tomato for myself, I find them half eaten sometimes still attached to the vine.  The culprit seems to pick the biggest ones to eat.  They never consume the whole tomato but eat about half of it.  The teeth marks are evident.  I have never had squirrels  or racoons eat tomatoes before and I saw a ground hog in my yard this week.  Am wondering if ground hogs have a “tomato tooth” sort of like a sweet tooth.

Had a medical issue this week.  The very same day the Bible reading was on the same subject.  Whenever you think that God is not with you, think again.  Those readings are written at least a year in advance and yet some of them are “timely” to what is happening in our lives on that very day.

Found out this week that several people in my circle of friends have serious medical issues.  Please pray for those who are ill.

Had my first hunting guests this week.  Always good to have them stay at the B&B.  May I suggest that if you want to stay here, that you book in advance.  One gentleman called at 10 pm wanting a room for that night.  Afraid that will just not happen.

Hope your week was also good.  Hope you got to enjoy some of the beautiful sunsets this week.  I got to see some sunrises this week and know that I prefer sunsets!  Please be alert to farm vehicles on the highways and be especially careful of deer as they may be upset with hunting season open.

Try to be aware of those around you this week.  Perhaps one of them could use a kind gesture like the lady who bought the Fostoria for her friend.



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