We Are Community for the week of Oct. 4th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


The week began with me taking my first load of antiques to Smithfield to the Red Brick School.  It was followed by a second load on Friday and more on Saturday and Sunday  mornings.  More about that later.

Would like to thank the Baldwins for picking up two enormous piles of branches from my yard.  I have a lot of trees and with every wind storm branches fall.  I pile them at the curb hoping  for the Village or some kind person to haul them off.  Thank You.

Wednesday I had to go to Carthage so an  excuse to use one of those Hardee’s coupons which I get in the paper.  There was one for a chicken biscuit which allowed two per coupon so of course I got two.  One for breakfast and the other for supper.  Thirty to forty five seconds in the microwave and a Hardee sandwich is just as good as fresh.  They really are good.

I often sit on my patio to see the stars or just  enjoy the night.  If one wants to view the heavens, one does not turn on the outside lights.  One evening this week while sitting on the patio I watched as  a van stopped at my mail box.  Instead of stealing something, I believe they left more flowers at the base of my mailbox.  Interesting!

Very early Saturday and Sunday mornings I pointed the van for Smithfield.  I do a really big booth at the end of the gym and one never really knows what to take to a show as one does not know what will sell.  Took a lot of primitives, cast iron, boxes, linens, kitchen items, stoneware, depression glass, quilts and more.  Had a good day both Saturday and Sunday.  A “good day” is not necessarily measured by what you sold but rather by the friends you saw and the new ones you made.  Sometimes I can help people learn about antiques.  Educated several people about kiln furniture this weekend.  It is a lot of work to pack and haul things for a show but if you are doing what you love, It is not work right?  Well sometimes my body thinks it is hard work.  Anyway all went well.

The food is just great at the Red Brick School.  Had cocoanut crème pie for breakfast, chicken and noodles, green beans and salad for lunch and sometimes manage a second piece of pie.  Do not have to worry about the weather and there is plenty of parking.  The people are great and all the dealers around me are very nice except for one couple.

I normally try to keep this column upbeat but I think that I have to mention  this one couple who set up near me.  They are the worst of the old time hucksters.  They do the “snake oil” pitch all day long.  They stop people passing their booth by  handing them a piece of colored paper and when the “customer” stops to see what is on the paper, the pitch begins.  They tell one that their product will cure athletic injuries, injuries from car wrecks, eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, wrinkles, dry kin and anything else they can think of in that particular pitch.  You are told that you can save thousands of dollars in skin cream because this is all you will ever need.  The pitch goes on and on and all for only ten dollars.  I really feel sorry for the people who actually believe all this.  They are told that if you stick around for and hour you will see results  and will be completely cured within four or so hours.  I bring this whole ugly scene to this column for two reasons.  I think it is wrong to lie to people to try to get their money and I think it is wrong for those of us around them to have to listen to this for six hours a day.   For you who did not get to Spoon River this weekend, they will not be there next weekend but this does not hold any guarantees for next year.

Anyway Spoon River was great.  Got to see a lot of old and new friends.  Got to eat a lot of good food and still have another weekend to look forward to next weekend.

Hope you had a good week.  Pray for your friends and neighbors remembering that all are your neighbors.  Scatter Kindness.


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