We Are Community for the week of Sept 27th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner

It has been an absolutely gorgeous day.  Hope you were able to enjoy it.  Blue sky, sunny, great temperature and nice breeze.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.  Began my day with Church on the lawn at Living Faith in Bowen.  Pastor Sheri reminded us that Jesus loves us no matter if we lean right or left.  He loves us no matter if we lean  red or blue.  Though she did not remind us, He loves us no matter what our country of origin or our sexual preference.  What we all  need to do is just let go of our prejudices and love each other too.  We most close the divide in our country and encourage our politicians to work for the good of all not just those with whom they agree.

After Church enjoyed sharing Rudy’s great fried chicken with friends.  This afternoon I headed to the bank of the Mississippi River for one of my  mini vacations.  I have traveled most of the United States but Lake Cooper between Hamilton and Nauvoo has as much beauty as many of the more exotic places in our vast country.  Just enjoy sitting on the river bank and taking in the view.  After a couple of hours, drove the river road to Nauvoo and back.  It is such a lovely drive and will be even prettier when the trees start to change colors.

Has been a busy week as will the next few.  Took a while but finally got books to balance from 3rd Sunday Market.  Did not have to unload as I will be setting up for Spoon River starting tomorrow.  I will just need to load a lot more merchandise.  You may find me at the west end of the gym in the Red Brick School in Smithfield for the next two weekends.  Spoon River runs the first two full weekends of October.  There will be home made chicken and noodles at the Red Brick School as usual but they will be carry out.

There has been both a food truck and a pumpkin wagon on the Plymouth Square this week.  Be sure to check them out.

I have a kitty condo on my back porch and I have Maine Coon Cats.  Watched a pretty long haired grey kitty coming out of the second story of the kitty condo but I have to stop at Maine Coon, it was not a cat!

Attended the Hancock County Economic Development annual meeting on Thursday evening in Carthage.  Was interested to meet the new director and to find that every school in Hancock County is represented in the CEO program this year.

Have been having some work done on both my home and store buildings this week.  The west side of Antiques II was never meant to be exposed to the air and I have a constant battle with soft brick.  Also had a new door put on the basement of the old Café building.  While working on the roof of my home, we discovered that either my  house eating devil squirrel or my roof top dancing racoons had been trying to chew their way thrugh the gutter on the turret.  Though I love animals, I do not love the ones that try to eat my house!

Have been trying to stop each evening to watch the sun set.  This is just a nice time to stop and thank God for the day.

Hope you enjoyed the perfect day today.  Also hope that you will jump in your car and drive the Spoon River Drive at least one of the next two weekends.  It runs from London Mills to Lewistown with many stops along the way.  I am looking forward not only to chicken and noodles but cocoanut crème pie and home made apple dumplings at the Red Brick School.

Have a good week.  Thank God for your blessings and try your very best to love your neighbor no matter which way you or they tend to lean.


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