We Are Community for the week of sept 20th, 2021, by Joyce Steiner


That small angel that follows me around is paying attention to very small details.  This week I went to Aldi’s two times.  The first time the person checking me out put my groceries in a cart that did not have a quarter receptacle. As a result, I did not get my quarter back.  The next time I went to Aldi’s there was a quarter laying on the ground next to my car!

Last month I had car trouble in Bloomington and was able to call Mike Raycraft for help.  This month everything was fine and I had no cell  service.  Where the bars should be there was a circle with a diagonal line through it.  Funny how my phone worked when I really needed it and did not when there was no problem.

Last Sunday several of us from Living Faith went to Rudy’s restaurant in Augusta after church.  They had a fried chicken special and the food was great.  Had not eaten there since the restaurant changed hands but will do so again.

As you know I have a racoon problem and often have a trap set for them so I can relocate them.  Only problem is the little critters are very smart.  I set the trap, put kitty food in it and left it for the night.  It was weighted down with bricks.  Next morning the trap was snapped, turned over and the food eaten.  Since I know there is a group of four, I suspect a cooperative effort in overturning the trap.

Hancock County has a seminar of “Reversing the Exodus” of the youth from our communities.  Jobs are changing partially due to covid which has allowed more jobs to be done from home.  As a result, high speed internet is a must for any community to keep its youth or to get them to return.  It was noted that the younger generation, aged 25-40 also like to live down town instead of buying a home and are interested in things to do etc.  I am always proud that Plymouth had high speed internet even before Macomb.  Thank you Adams.  There was also mention of small business being important to this age group and how a small business may continue from one generation to the next.  I have no next generation to leave my business to but the very next day a gentleman indicated that he would be interested in having my business.  The day after the meeting, the daily Bible reading was about youthful workers for God and training youth.

Adams had their annual meeting this week.  It was virtual.  I received a packet, many phone calls about how to register and the passwords and a written letter also.  I followed the directions for phoning in on the meeting and listened to the reports on the phone.  Interestingly enough, the meeting only lasted about 15 minutes and much more time than that was spent getting us connected to the meeting.  Looking forward to a live meeting in 2022.

As mentioned previously this was 3rd Sunday weekend.  Got to Bloomington and home with no problems.  Had a good show and saw a lot of friends.  Thanks to the Raycraft youth who helped me unload and to my niece who helped me load back up after the show.

Was able to watch the sunset all the way home from the market.  It was lovely as is the moon as it is almost full.

Stop  to watch the sunset this week.  Take some time to thank God for your blessings.  Scatter Kindness.



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