We Are Community for the week of Sept 13th, 20121, by Joyce Steiner


Our sympathy to the family and friends of Loraine Totsch of Augusta.  I remember reading in the paper that she was very active with the Senior Citizen Center.

Augusta Days was this week and I hope it was very successful. Did see some candy still on the street when I stopped by bank on Saturday evening so I know there was a parade.

If you drive by the Community Center on the east side of the Plymouth Square, you will notice a lot of activity.  For years various things have accumulated in the Center.  Also there was a lot of construction debris from when we tried to fix the roof in the past.  The Thrift Shop piled in a lot of things.  My gratitude to Adrian Baldwin and his family for clearing out the building and trying to get the roof to stop leaking.  It is my understanding that many of you are stopping by the building and telling your stories of connections to the building.  I would so like it if each of you with a memory or a story would write it down so that those memories will not be lost.  I am at the antique store most every day and would be so happy to have written record of all your memories.  We do not want that history to be lost.  The Community Center building is such an important part of Plymouth history.

Had a B&B guest last week who had stayed with me before.  Always glad to have return guests and to learn their connection to our community.  B&B guest information is confidential but if I told you her relationship to our community, we would all have a smile.  Running a B&B is fun most of the time though, like in all things, once in a while there is a negative.  Had a gentleman wanting to book this week.  Asked for name etc. and then told him they would need to have a Covid vaccination to come into my home.  The conversation stopped there.

Just want to tell you all how much I appreciate the kind comments I receive for this column.  Many times when people see me, they verbally tell me how much they like my column.  I have even gotten fan mail.  Last week I received a phone call from Mexico from a gentleman who gets the paper a bit late but still reads my words.  I simply cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kind words.

I have driven to the road junction, to just west of town or ridden my bike to various places in Plymouth to view the sunset.  Finally found the ideal place right here in Plymouth.  The Plymouth Ball Park is just a few blocks from my home.  It has an unobstructed view to the west for the sunset.  As sometimes the really pretty clouds are not in the west, it also has a good view of the northern and southern skies.  I have found that if  I just  stop and go to the ball park to view the sunset and take some photos to share with friends, that it helps me unwind and thank God for each day.  The smoke in the atmosphere may not be good for our health but it does make for lovely sunsets. We currently have a new moon and it has been just lovely for the last few evenings.

Living Faith UMC is preparing for Annual Conference so we have been meeting to fill out forms and evaluate just where we are in our goals.  Both the Staff Pastor Parrish Relations Committee and the Finance Committee met this week.

The Plymouth Village Board met this week.  It is my understanding that our policeman, DJ Toland, is leaving.  I am very sorry to hear that as I really like him and felt he was doing a great job.  Hope that Plymouth will soon fill the vacancy as I feel a local policeman is a real asset to our community.

Plymouth Women’s Circle met on Wednesday evening after a long hiatus.  Was so good to see every one again.  Mel Dorothy and Pat Phelps provided refreshments.  We will not be having our annual bazaar this year because of Covid.  Hopefully we can get back into our community service and fund raisers in the future.  We meet at 6:30 pm on the second Wednesday of the month and all ladies in the area are welcome to join with us.  One of our main purposes is to keep the former church building in good repair and have it available for community activities such as funerals, funeral dinners, Old Settlers meetings, family reunions, birthday parties and more.  To rent the building, you may contact me.

Mike Churchill  attended the Village Board meeting and said that there would be a bar b que cook off in front of Pop A Top Again.  Sounds really good!

Had the silly idea that I had transported the area racoons to a new home.  Was sitting on my patio last night when four hurried across my lawn.  Four!  I love animals but not   racoons dancing on my roof or trying to live in the church building soffit.

Have a good week.  Stop for a while to watch the sunset and thank God for the day.  Scatter Kindness.


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