We Are Community for the week of Oct 2nd, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 170

Busy week.  Started off with an IEAR meeting in Carthage.  We ate at the Dirty Bird and then toured the Kibbe Museum.  Both were great.  Had not been to the Dirty Bird before and took a moment to figure out how to get into the parking lot. The food was good and the museum is always a treat.  Started me thinking about a few things I should donate to the museum.

Went on a buying run to Colchester and got a couple of loads for the store.  Is always interesting how the new things sell first.  Had three pieces of furniture in the van and asked a customer to help me unload them.  He was happy to do so and bought two of them.  Sold another piece out of the van and did not have to unload it at all.  Thank you.

Helped unload and tag mums for sale at Living Faith UMC on Monday evening.  As of this afternoon we had a few mums left.  They are $15 for large blooming plants and the money goes to help the missions of the church.

Took one of my mini vacations to the Mississippi river bank on Saturday evening.  I needed a break.  It is so peaceful to sit on the bank and watch the sun go down.  I send sunset photos to a few friends most evenings and that is fun.

Will tell you a bit about why I needed a break and I promise that I will NEVER mention this again.  Last week I mentioned that I purchased a dozen eggs for 80 cents because I just could not pass up the bargain. I received three “interesting” emails because of this purchase.  The first was from a gentleman who had purchased some decorations for his car as a young man.  He was excited to show them to his father.  He received a reprimand from his father instead of his sharing the excitement.  His father told him that “nothings was a bargain if you don’t need it.”  Also noted that one should “take pause before making a foolish purchase”.   The third email said this was a good story and sent me a copy of his comments.

There are many things in life I don’t need like a Heath Blizzard in chocolate ice cream, an old painting of a dog rescuing a kitty and a 21-year-old VW Beatle for example.  But these things give my life a bit of joy.  Arts and music and so many more things add joy to our lives even though we “may not need them”.  I was sorry that the joy was snuffed out by the father and that this person has then taught the same lesson to his children.

The second email said that “a fool and their money are soon parted and then people wonder where the fool got their money”.  Just wow! Surely am glad that I did not buy two dozen eggs!

Guess I prefer this quote from one of the Discipline readings this week.  “Though we may not think alike, may we not love alike”.  Instead of hitting send for an email that might be hurtful to the receiver, just  “take pause” and say something kind instead.  “Help me to do the best I can and believe that others are doing the same” was another quote this week.   There is sadness in my life right now just as there may be in yours.  Do the best that you can.

Enjoy the lovely moon and the beautiful weather.  Scatter kindness and love to all this week, you may never know who needs it the most.



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