We Are Community for the week of October 10th, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 118

Another Spoon River Drive is in the books.  Would like to thank all of you who supported the Drive.  I personally had three good days and then I think the weather was just so nice today that most shoppers stayed out doors.  I set up at the Red Brick School in the gym.  We had a good group of vendors this weekend.  There were some new faces with nice crafty things including wooden Christmas trees.  I think every other person who came into the gym left with a Christmas tree.  The vehicles were not full and all my boxes were not full so I know that I sold quite a lot.  Again, Thank you all.

Did have coconut crème pie for breakfast this morning.  As it contains eggs and I think coconut is a fruit, it must be a healthy breakfast.  The chicken and noodle dinners that the School serves are great and it is just so nice to be able to walk down the hall and have food when at a show.

Also, a really big thank you to the Baldwins who helped me load out.  Would have been really difficult to do it by myself.  Thank You!

Prince Harry is none too happy.  The one female kitty at the store who is not spayed, brought up two kittens this week.  I was able to catch one and bring it home.  I needed to do that because any kittens just seem to disappear.  Anyway, this kitten is very tiny and has decided it loves Harry who is not sure he loves it.  Hopefully they will soon learn to coexist.  The child is named Cub as I think a large fluffy male feral named Lion is its father.

As a freeze was predicted this week, all my plants had to go into the garage for the winter.  Even took in my black petunias as I would like to save them.  There are also many hibiscuses, spider plants, Gerber daisies, geraniums, and more.  The south side of my garage has three picture windows and it is heated so we are fairly successful bringing plants through the winter.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  There were two members absent.  Several things were discussed.  Two items of interest are that the Village is looking into solar for the lift station and the lagoon.  That would save the Village a great deal of money on energy bills and be good for all the citizens of Plymouth.  They also voted to spend some money for new Christmas decorations for the Village.

Had two hunters here this week who planned to stay for a couple of days but they got a deer the first day so went home early.  Three deer crossed my path this morning so am glad that hunting season is open.  Deer are lovely and I really like to see them just not embedded in the front of my vehicle.

The weather has been beautiful except for the freeze.  Harvest is in full swing.  Be careful as you travel because the farm vehicles are often very wide and it is difficult for them to share the road. Be courteous.

Have a good week.  Scatter kindness and love.

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