We Are Community for the week of October 3rd, 2022, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 117

Sorry to report that one of my classmates, Bill Ussery, passed on September 19th.  Think that both he and his wife Anita graduated from Plymouth High School.  They have always supported every fundraiser held in Plymouth.  Bill will be missed by friends and family.

Eleanor White passed away this week.  She lived to be 104 years old.  So sorry to hear that she has left us.

For all you retired teachers who may be reading this column-my mind is relieved to learn more about the change in policy holders for retired members.  We are currently with United Health Care which has been excellent insurance.  They even send a nurse to your home to do a health check which has been more complete than what my doctor has done.  I was very sorry to hear that the State has chosen to change providers to Aetna.  At a meeting of Illinois Education Association Retired a member of the IEA staff came to speak to us about the insurance change.  Aetna will meet the benefits which we are used to having.  There will be no change in out-of-pocket totals.  For those in an HMO, you will change to a PPO which will provide more coverage.  If you have a dependent on your insurance, the premium for the dependent will drop drastically.  We all hate change, but this seems like it will be a change for the better for retired teachers.

My life has been all about Spoon River this week.  Had dropped one load at the Red Brick School in Smithfield last week and loaded another load and took it over on Friday.  Spent the day setting up my booth for the next two weekends.  Lots of work but also fun to see your booth take shape.  Took over a few more things on Saturday morning by 8 am.  We had a pretty steady stream of customers on Saturday and I heard that the school sold out of their home-made chicken and noodles.  Fortunately, they did not sell out of coconut crème pie and I was able to bring two pieces home!  Sunday the crowd was much less but my sales were still OK.  Early mornings and somewhat long days but also good days.  I see people I have not seen since last year.

I heard the car lines were long or even closed off to Farmington.  Suggest you just come directly to Smithfield!  Any way Spoon River has a long tradition.  There is change which is inevitable but not all change is bad as I mentioned earlier.  The weather has been wonderful which is great for the outside dealers.  If you were not able to go on the Drive this past weekend, why not plan to come out Saturday or Sunday of this week.  It is a great family event.

Had two ladies at the B&B this week who were working on the Church directory for Wesley United Methodist Church in Macomb.  Church directories are great to put names with faces and to get to know the members of your church better.  If you are reading this column, my photo is from our last directory.

Worth quoting again from last week, “It’s not what you gather but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.”  Scatter kindness, gentleness and love to those with whom you come in contact this week.

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