We Are Community for the week of October 12th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


October has been very lovely thus far.  We have had many dry sunny days and the leaves are beautiful.  The farmers are making great progress in getting the crops out of the fields.  Hope you have been able to stop and just enjoy the last two days.  Saturday was perfect.

On Monday, I took my mail in election ballot to Carthage to the court house just to make sure I had everything filled in correctly.  As it was my first time for either early voting or a mail in ballot, I was not sure of the procedure.  Now that I know, I could have just gone over and voted early and skipped the mail in portion.  Will have a better idea in the future.  Be sure to vote.  There is an interesting question on the ballot that I was not aware of until I saw it on the ballot.  Though Chicago is more densely populated than down state Illinois and we may not like that, it is still a part of Illinois.

Noticed that there was a farmer’s market stand on the court house lawn, so also got some pears and beets.  Added bonus for going to the court house.

Tuesday evening the Finance committee of  Living Faith met to make a budget for the 2021 year.  After that meeting, the Advisory Council met so I did not get home until nine.  Usually put Smokey and Harold to bed before that.  I called them and got them in their house.  Noticed the water pan was dirty and then figured out that the two kitties and I were not the only ones in the kitty house.  There was also a big coon.  Opened the door, got a broom and the coon took a flying leap from on top of the door and out of the house.  Got kitties rounded up and back in and shut the door and was feeding them when I noticed movement in a kitty bed.  The bed also had gray ears.  Opened the door again.  Got the broom again.  Woke the sleeping coon and chased it out of the kitty house.  Checked every corner of the house and rounded up Smokey and Harold again and put them back in their house.  Harold has not come home to bed since Tuesday evening.  Really can’t blame him.  He came home for a while this afternoon but I suspect he will not be here at bedtime again tonight.  Can’t really blame him I guess.

The Plymouth Village Board met on Wednesday evening.  Quite a bit was accomplished as they were working on the  wording on various ordinances to make the fines consistent.  There was also discussion on purchasing a newer police car and dump truck.  Our new policeman was present for the meeting.  I think we will be seeing some real progress in Plymouth very soon.

Have been enjoying watching the leaves turn color.  It looks like 2020 is going to be a great year in one way-leaf brilliance.  Have been taking a lot of photos of leaves and praying mantis which also seem to be plentiful this year.  They are good bugs so enjoy them without harming them.

Sunday, after church, decided to take one of my mini vacations to the Mississippi River.  Got some food at Hardees and went to my favorite picnic area just north of Hamilton.  There was a constant flow of people enjoying the river and eating lunch.  A lady from Iowa parked next to me and got a large innertube and a couple of buckets out of her car.  She then went into the river and filled the buckets with water lily seed pods.  The seed pods have seeds in them now.  After she had harvested 3 buckets full and brought them back to shore, I asked her what she was going to do with them.  I expected the usual answer of paint them for winter arrangements or plant them in my pond, but instead she said she was going to eat them!  Interesting.  Asked her what they tasted like and she said like a nut-perhaps a macadamia.  One should learn something new every day and I think that was my learning experience for today.

Today was Coach Swisegood’s 90th birthday.  Hope you had a chance to send him a card.

Please keep those who are ill or who have lost loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.  There seem to be quite a few now.

Enjoy every precious lovely day.  Soon the leaves will fall and the temperatures will dip.  Winter makes us even more thankful for spring!

Scatter Kindness.

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