We Are Community for the week of October 5th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner

It is the first weekend in October and since we opened Plymouth Rock Antiques in 1982, I would normally be found in Smithfield set up on the Spoon River Drive.  We have been at the ball park, down town and for the last several years at the Red Brick School.  In the year of covid, I am home.  I am missing being at  the Red Brick School, being with friends, eating chicken and noodles and cocoanut crème pie, selling and buying mums from the Amish.  So much has changed in 2020.

Well I did find information on west facing solar panels.  Though they produce less total energy than south facing ones, they produce the most energy between noon and evening, the time when demand is the highest.  As a result west facing solar is being built to help with demand during this peak period.  If you want to see a large solar farm facing west, there is now one just east of Blandinsville.

Wildlife abounds.  My friendly coon came back when I called Harold to come in.  This time I did not reach down to pick it up.  The eagle is still north of Colmar and I saw a group of them on the way to church this morning just west of Plymouth. Birds and butterflies are fewer but I have yet to put out my winter bird feeders.  Again I will mention what great photos and information can be found on the face book website “ Illinois Birding Network”.  There are wonderful photographers there and so much good information on identifying various birds.

The first frost was this week as I had frost on my garage roof.  Tonight, Sunday, we have more frost predicted so this afternoon I will move a lot of plants into the garage.  Will really miss my blooming plants.

Attended the Lowderman Auction on Thursday.  Sparce crowd but strong prices for the most part.  Filled my van.  Most people wore masks and it was possible to social distance most of the time if they did not.  Just glad there are a few auctions still happening.

Got my flu shot this week.  Hy Vee not only gives flu shots but rewards one with a 20 cent fuel saver.  Can’t beat that.

There was a full moon this week and it was beautiful.  Spent some time trying to photograph it but my moon photography is not that great!

There was another wedding in the Amish community this week so welcomed another driver to the B&B.

Pop A Top hosted a corn hole tournament on Saturday.  There was a good turnout.  There were also two food stands set up on the Plymouth Square all weekend.  Don’t know if they were related to the tournament or if they were just here.  With no fairs or other events to set up for, the food trucks are surely having a tough time staying in business as are restaurants and other businesses.  I noticed that Lex Buffet closed this week.  They only recently opened.  So sorry for restaurants as I know I am not eating out like I used to.

Pastor Sheri has been preaching on some of the best loved verses of the Bible.  Today’s choice was Jeremiah 29:11.  “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  This passage means a lot of different things to different people I am sure.  I am so grateful to have a home, food to eat, friends, a store to go to each day for useful work, flowers, kitties and so  much more.  What I miss, especially during this time of isolation, is family and my husband.  Most of us need a partner to help complete and comfort us and I keep thinking that one will show up in my life who has only two legs and is not covered with fur.   Until then,  guess I will just go hug Prince Harry and read another romance novel!

Have a good week.  The weather is to be great.  Enjoy it and remember to Scatter Kindness.


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