We Are Community for the week of September 28th, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


A lovely fall day greeted those friends and family of Gary Webster who  gathered at the LaHarpe cemetery on Wednesday morning to say one final good bye.  So sorry for the loss.  There will be another empty chair at my table for Christmas dinner this year.  There are so many empty chairs now.

Dave Swisegood will be celebrating his 90th birthday on October 11th.  Why not send him a card at Dave Swisegood, 502 Center Street, Augusta, IL 62311.  Dave coached at Plymouth and Southeastern for many years and is well known in the area.

Bob Kessler has great pumpkins, squash, vegetables and gourds and more  for sale at the old school in Plymouth.  His stand is located just across the street from Rhode’s Mini Mart.  He has some really nice warty pumpkins too.  Stop in and get some great decorations for fall or ingredients for pumpkin pie.

On Monday evening, I had called Harold to come so that I could put him in the kitty house for the night.  Something nudged my foot so I reached down to get Harold, only it was not Herald but a coon.  We would have both been surprised if I had actually picked it up!

On the way to the funeral on Wednesday, I noticed a large solar array near Blandinsville.  The thing was it  is facing west and not south.  Am going to have to check with Tom Ohnemus, Blue Stone Solar,  and see if he knows why it is facing west.

I am sure that we are all sick of political ads.  I got so disgusted this week that I sent a contribution to Teresa Greenfield in Iowa.  A negative ad directed toward her states that if she is elected, gas prices will go to $13 per gallon.  Interesting to know that one person, especially one in Iowa, can have a total effect of gas prices.  OPEC probably would be interested to know that also.  I am so disgusted that downright lies can be put in any ad and there is nothing to stop the lies.  Unfortunately some people believe anything they see or hear.

Attended the Hancock County Economic Development meeting in Carthage on Thursday evening.  Had not attended a meeting partially held by Zoom.  Tells you something about my age.  Anyway, Zoom left a lot to be desired for me.  There was constant noise from someone whose child must have been in the room.  Several agenda items were especially import to me.  Methode is totally leaving Carthage.  The jobs which were in Carthage will be moved to Mexico.  Their building will be vacated.  Hopefully there will be interest in using the building for another business.

One of the presenters at the meeting was Brian Ohnemus from Brohn Technology.  His business is recycling Styrofoam.  I had hoped to learn more about the process but his presentation was more on the funding than the process.

Hancock County is  also looking to partner with Iowa and Missouri for tourism  with both bicycle trails and water ways.

Belynda Allen, the executive director of Hancock County Economic Development, is at home caring for family during the pandemic.  Since one of the requirements for this post is that the person live in Hancock County, it is my understanding that Belynda will be replaced.  Personally I think Belynda has done a great job as director and I would like to see the residency requirement temporally waived during this awful time so that she can retain her job.

I learned this week that there is a farm east of Plymouth called RR3 Farm.  Brea Carrigan came to the antique store and she sells pumpkins, gourds, flowers and such at the local farmer’s markets.  So glad to learn of this business.  She has a face book page if you are interested to know where she will be selling.

There was another wedding in the Amish community this week, so there was an Amish driver staying at the B&B.  Has been here a couple of times lately.  Speaking of the B&B, have had a long term guest here for over two months.  She currently lives in Washington state, but plans to move back to the area very soon.  I have not had long term guests until this year and have had two during most of the pandemic.  Now hunters are returning, so will have hunters for a couple of months.  Harry also loves having guests because they give him attention.

Had a gentleman come into the store this week who used my restroom and then stomped out when I asked him to wear a mask.  Masks are not political,  they are meant to help keep us safer from covid as is social distancing.  Such easy things to do and so much resistance to common sense.

Learned at church this morning that Jensen Woods Camp will be having a Family Fundrive on Saturday, Oct 17 from 3 to 6 pm and on Sunday October 18th from 11 to 2 pm.  You can enjoy the fall colors, tour the camp, have a sack lunch and more.  The camp is located at 1498 275 E Street, Timewell, IL 62375 or www.jensenwoodscamp.com.

Hope you have enjoyed the lovely weather this week.  Scatter Kindness.

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