We Are Community for the week of September 21st, 2020, by Joyce Steiner


It has been a lovely week weatherwise so a lot has been accomplished outside.  If you are like me, we tend to spend as much time in nature as possible.  There are always weeds to pull, lawn to mow, flowers to tend, and sometimes we need to just to sit and relax in the swing or gazebo.   Really love these cooler fall days and we should all take full advantage of them.

Corona is always with us and on our minds.  As I read quite a bit, I have read two things that I want to share with you.  First the CDC recommends that we wear masks and social distance.  They are saying that these two things will be more effective than a shot for the virus.  Such an easy fix and so many people resisting doing these two simple things.  Second, I have read that one should not get their flu shot until early October so that it will last through the flu season.

Because I am a retired teacher and I get my health insurance through the teacher retirement system, I have United Health Care.  This company is also available to others.  I Like this company very much because they try to keep their customers healthy instead of paying when they are sick.  One of the things they offer is a nurse who comes to your home to evaluate your health.  The nurse came this week.  As it was a nice day, we stayed outside.  She gave me a health check and we talked about my health.  Really appreciate this service.  United Health Care also allows for many other perks like a health club membership and a nurse call line at any time.

Got a phone  call at 7:30 am this week.  A lady kept firing questions at me about my business.  She had not identified herself.  I eventually asked her who she was and where she was calling from.  We should all be careful about what information we give out on the phone.  There are so many scams out there.  Friends have received calls about their social security cards, relatives needing money and so much more.  Never give out social security information, send money, gift cards etc. to someone who calls you.  If you are not sure if it is a legitimate request, you call the company or call your relative to see if they really are in trouble.

I am very pleased  with the projects being done by the Metzger Board.  Noticed that Tedd Simmons, our town person, was digging in sewer lines just north of the post office so asked Chad Griswold, who was also there, what was happening.  He told me that a restroom was being put on the location.  I am so glad to see this.  We have always needed a restroom for those using the park.  The Metzger Board is also helping to pay some of the costs associated with our policeman.  Further they are planning to help pay off the sewer loan.  Each of these projects will benefit everyone in Plymouth.  Virginia Metzger would be happy with these projects.

Stan Dixon is building a log cabin for Stan Whitlock just north and east of Plymouth.  There was an open house for the home on Saturday morning.  I was delighted to be able to attend and see the work in Progress.  The Amish builder was also present and he showed me some of the construction work.

Pastor Sheri is on lock down because one of her sons has covid.  As a result Pastor Jeff Rasche spoke this morning at Living Faith United Methodist Church.  We also had a baptism.  It was a lovely day and a nice service.  Pastor Jeff used a Purington Paver in his sermon.  Got my attention as I collect bricks.  Two of my former students were also at the service.  Love seeing the great adults they have become.

Enjoyed dinner with one of my nephews and my niece on Saturday evening.  We choose a restaurant with outdoor seating.  Nice to share time with family.

Today was Sunday but it was not a day of rest.  Trimmed trees in front of my highway sign, fixed a park bench and transplanted some strawberry plants.  Good Day.  Hope you also had a good Sunday.

The weather is supposed to be wonderful this week.  Enjoy it.  Pray for those not so fortunate.  Hurricanes are doing so much damage in the South and wildfires are devastating the northwest.  Please keep all the people affected by these disasters in your thoughts and prayers.

Scatter Kindness.


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