We Are Community for the week of Sept 18th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 168

There is sad news to report in the Plymouth community this week.  Rusty Cole, 65, of Augusta passed away on Sept 10th.  He is the father of Ronna Cole of Plymouth.  Eddie Widener, 95, of Augusta passed away on the 9th of Sept at the Lamoine Retirement Center in Macomb.   Bev Manley of Plymouth passed away on Sept 11th.  She is survived by her husband, Jim, a son Jack and a daughter Pam.  Our sympathy to their family and friends.

Has been an interesting week in so many ways.  I lost Puff one day this week.  Searched under the furniture on chairs under the table and all through the house.  Then went outside and searched as I thought perhaps, she had run out the door.  Still no Puff.  Went to bed thinking she must be gone.  Later in the night I opened the laundry room door and a furry ball jumped out of the door!

Spoke to the Hancock County Retired Teachers on Monday.  We had a great lunch at Rudy’s and then everyone learned about Tennessee, Colchester and Macomb pottery.  I took three baskets of pottery as well as some larger pieces.  While we were meeting, the road crew started laying asphalt in front of the restaurant.  Was very challenging to get my pottery out of the restaurant and back into my car.  Further, I would not advise running across hot asphalt in sandals!

Spent several days this week packing for 3rd Sunday Market.  Got all that done on time and could still see out of the van windows.  Both I and the police were happy about that. Took a couple of nice things from my home to sell so I would have some great “new” stuff.  Difficult to let go of a nice Victorian hair wreath but I know it has a good new home.

One upsetting experience this week.  When coming home from the store, I found three children actually sitting in the street.  That street is a truck route and they were sitting at a corner.  I drove around them and stopped beside them and gently asked that they not sit in the street as I did not want them to get hurt.  Now I know that parents cannot watch their children 24 hours per day but they certainly can teach them not to actually sit in a lane of traffic.  Could have been a very bad situation for the children if I had not been the first to come around the corner.  Very sad.

Had to water the tomato plants this week.  They are still doing well.

Hy-Vee had buy one get one steak dinner for half off so I had steak for Thursday dinner and Friday lunch too.  Great buy!

3rd Sunday Market was interesting today.  Did not sell many items but had a decent show as I sold several expensive items.  I sold hardly any “smalls” which usually carry the show.  One dealer friend had their best show in years, others not so good.  One just never can predict an antique show but even if one does not sell a lot, it still is fun to see everyone and people watch.

Attended the Adams annual meeting on Wednesday evening.  A good crowd.  Saw two of my fellow teachers from long ago.  Did not win any of the cash prizes but Adams gives everyone who attends $25 off their next bill and that is very nice.  Thank You.

Even had a person at Bloomington tell me they enjoy my column.  Thanks to each of you for your compliments.

Hope that you too had an interesting week.  Please pray for those who are ill and those who have lost loved ones.  Remember to scatter kindness and Love.



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