We Are Community for the week of April 22nd, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are community 199

Don’t forget the PCCC Rummage and Bake Sale this Friday and Saturday beginning at 9 am both days.  The PCCC is just west of the Plymouth Square.  The community room and much of the Chapel are full of all sorts of items at very reasonable prices. The funds will be used to help pay for a new furnace and AC for the Chapel.

Exchange sun set, sun rise, flower and more photos with friends daily.  Received a photo of a newly hatched Luna moth this week.  Seems they live for a week but cannot eat.  What a bummer.  They are truly beautiful but one seldom gets to see one.  Had one hatch out on my porch a year or so ago and know them from my childhood as I grew up on a farm and we were interested in many things like wild flowers, fossils, unusual trees and all natural things.

Came home from the store to find broken glass covering the drive.  Finally looked up and found that the glass had blown out of one side of the copula.  Got the neighbors, who used our lift, to board up the hole until we can do better.  The garage is finished inside and did not want the dry wall to get damaged.  Thank you, Curtis and Adrian.

I do antique shows.  I pack many things for a show.  Sometimes I take jewelry and as rings are popular, I often take a tray of costume rings.  When I packed for the Paris show, my tray of rings was missing.  Called local pawn shop and Sheriff’s department.  This week someone brought my ring tray to the desk.  They had found it on a shelf with 20 rings missing.  Mentioned that they thought it should not be out on a shelf.  Knew that!  I hope that whoever stole the 20 rings enjoys them.  They were not free to me and I do not understand why one would think it is ok to steal from someone who obviously works hard to provide one of the few antique stores left open or to steal from anyone for that matter.

Have been weeding and mowing.  Will never get it all done as I have too many flower beds but I enjoy flowers and try to raise a bit of garden.  It is also good therapy to be outdoors and work with nature.  Got some bedding plants from Walmart this week and put them in tubs which are currently on the porch steps as we have frost and freeze warnings.  Has been an interesting year.  I have no peaches.  The magnolia tree has exactly 3 blossoms and the crab apple tree did not bloom.  Think freezes hit just when the buds were most susceptible to damage.

Turkey season is here and my B&B guest got a turkey on his first day out.  He left a day early after working on food plots etc.

I love ice cream!  Often eat at Hy-Vee in Macomb and then go to Burger King for an ice cream.  One evening this week was in the drive through and the lady at the window said my ice cream had been paid for by the person ahead of me.  Nice!  Thank You.

The Antiques and Collectible Club meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at Macomb City Hall.  The program this month was given by Dustin Unger and was on fruit jars.  Have been in the antiques business for over 40 years but one cannot know everything about everything.  I found the presentation very interesting.  I was also able to touch a fruit jar worth four figures.  Wow.  Talked with a customer this week who told me that they had pitched fruit jars and depression glass into a dumpster trying to see who could make the loudest crash.  Perhaps that was not a really good idea.   I often suggest that one should call a dealer to at least look at things before throwing them away.  Remember a few years ago when Sullivan and Son said they had stopped a family from tossing out an old cupboard that was in the basement.  Those old cupboards often bring several hundred dollars-much more than good walnut furniture does now.

Hope you have a good week.  Enjoy the rebirth of nature.  Look for butterflies and humming birds which are back in the area.  Scatter Kindness and Love to all.

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