We Are Community for the week of April 29th, 2024, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 200

A milestone column since I changed the name to ”We Are Community”- my 200th column.  Thank you to all who read my musings and tell me that you look forward to them and for all the praise.  It is very much appreciated!

It was an interesting week as many are.  Much was normal. Some not.  We had a full moon this week.  It was called the pink moon.  It is not called pink from color but rather due to a flower which blooms this time of year as I understand.  We also have had all sorts of weather from warm and sunny to tornado warnings and from too little rain to too much rain.  The winds were so strong one evening that my whole house shook.  Now my house was built in 1905 and is very sturdy so it took a lot to make it actually shake.  Made me pretty uneasy too I must say.  Anyway, it is still standing and I got all the limbs picked up from that storm but still have some to pick up from the strong winds yesterday.

By now you all know that I grow a lot of flowers.  On Facebook this week, someone posted a Confederate violet.  Most of us know the normal blue violets but there are also a lot of Confederate violets in Plymouth.  They are white with a bluish gray color in the center.  A friend posted a photo of a yellow violet so said that I needed one of those as yellow is my favorite color.  A yellow violet now resides in a large black mineral tub and thus far seems to be enjoying its new home and ample rain.

A really big thank you to all the ladies of the Plymouth Women’s Circle who worked so long and hard to get ready for the Rummage and Bake Sale at the PCCC to help pay for the new furnace and AC.  Weeks were spent gathering clothes and all sorts of items to sell.  There was also a bake sale so all of us baked a LOT of things for that too.  A special thanks to Cindy Smith and Jeanne Biswell who spent weeks preparing for the event.  We had a good turn out and sold a lot of things but so much left over.  Think we just had so much to sell that it was overwhelming.  Thank you to all who came and supported the event.

My rain gage recorded 1.6 and 1.4 inches of rain over the week end thus far.  I know that others got more and that there were really bad storms west of us.  Prayers for all those who lost their homes.  The photos are just heart breaking.  Really makes me wonder what people do when their home and sometimes lively hoods are blowen away.  Very sad.  There was one couple who had lost everything in a flood previously and then a tornado took their home this week.  They were not going to rebuild there.  I can understand that.  Thinking that all homes constructed should have some sort of safe room built into them.

I may have to get a side by side.  There was a ride yesterday which included Pop A Top Again in Plymouth.  Do not know enough about it but do know that there were over 150 vehicles and twice that many people on the ride.  It looked like fun and people really seemed to be enjoying themselves.  There was a problem parking in Plymouth however as the Square and side streets were all filled with trucks, trailers and side by sides.  Need to coordinate these events with other events in town as it would have been so nice to have some of these people shop the Rummage sale at the PCCC and my store.  Always glad when an event brings people to Plymouth.

Sunday, there was a surprise party for Gerhard Jung’s birthday at Living Faith.  Hope he had a great birthday!

Have a good week.  Pray for those who lost so much in this week’s storms.  Our church family lost Bill Moore this week, please say prayers for his family too.  Scatter Kindness and Love.

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