We Are Community for the week of May 13th, 2024, by Joyce steiner

We Are Community 202

The big news of the week would be the display of Northern Lights.  I remember seeing them when growing up on the farm but they are far less frequent now.  Since the event was on the news and weather casts both, we were well informed.  I headed west of town to a small gravel road which goes north for the best possible view with phone camera and instructions in hand.  The first night the big cloud covering the northern sky was impressive.  The second night I saw one shooting star, two airplanes and one Russian satellite.  Nary a hint of color.  I am very happy for all of you who have showed me wonderful displays on your phone.  Your photos were wonderful.

Often go to the edge of Plymouth to photograph the sunset.  Saturday evening an officer from the sheriff department stopped to see if I was OK as I was parked on the edge of the road with my phone in my hand.  Am so thankful that people stop to check on me when it seems I might be having car trouble.  Thank you.  Just one of the reasons to live in a small community.

Another reason to live in a small community.  Got a call from another local merchant that a gentleman from out of state was trying to pass a fake one-hundred-dollar bill.  They were calling other local businesses to warn them.  Again, Thank You.

Gave a program on Stoneware 101 to the Friends of the Carthage Public Library on Monday evening.  Glad to do this from time to time but it involves lugging around a lot of heavy stoneware so don’t want to do it too often.  Now I need to get those stoneware pieces back where they belong.

If you, like me, have wondered where Security Lock Shop went, I found the answer this week.  I have a B&B and get special keys cut so I need their services from time to time.  I believe I found their keys and service at Fayhee PM Solutions located at 521 S. Johnson just south of Gamage Plaza in Macomb.  Phone 309 255 4921.  So glad to locate them.

The Augusta Lions Club Annual Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday June 8th at the Tri County Golf Course at 8am and noon.  Teams need to be registered by June 1st.  You may call Judy at 217 357 1282 or Ann at 217 430 1504 for more information.

June 7th will be Plymouth city wide clean up.

Plymouth Circle met on Wednesday evening at 6:30 at the PCCC.  We enjoyed a pot luck meal.  Officers for the next year were elected.  We would welcome any new people who are interested in preserving the former Methodist Church for future generations.  We have accomplished a lot of restoration work but have a lot more to do.

Mike Sullivan had a farm auction on Saturday in Plymouth.  Brought a few extra people into the antique store.  Hope it went well.

When sitting out or when weeding this week, have seen lightening bugs and been attacked by mosquitoes and gnats.  Love the lightening bugs, not so much the other two.

Spring has morphed into summer.  My flowers are going into full bloom mode.  Enjoy the warmer weather and remember to scatter kindness and love.  Experienced a lack of that one evening this week.


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