We Are Community for the week of April 8th, 2024, by Joyce steiner

We Are Community 197

On Monday evening, I attended the Lions Club meeting at Rudy’s in Augusta.   I think it is a very worthwhile organization and my personal experience with it resulted from my father-in-law receiving audio books because of his vision.  I was surprised at what the Lions do locally and for the world.  Am just not sure that I can add another layer to my schedule but hope everyone can support the group’s efforts.

On Tuesday I took my B&B guest with me to Singing and Mingling at the Golden Home.  As she is also a pastor and was from our area, she enjoyed the visit and even helped with some of the songs.  Thanks to those who attended.

Started my Wednesday with a hair cut at Marvin’s Hair Hut in Colchester.  He does a wonderful job-takes time to really work with your hair to make sure it is evenly cut.  I appreciate his work very much.

Thursday saw the return of the monthly auction at Lowderman’s near Macomb.  I am glad that they are continuing to have auctions and there is another set for May 2nd.  I was not happy to see a 10% in house buying fee.  On line auctions have buyer’s fees but in person in this area, at least, do not.  We really need a local auction house and it is almost essential for my business so wish them only the best.  I filled my van and still have a couple of pieces of furniture to pick up.

Hy-Vee has steak on Thursday as their special.  The steak was prime rib this week.  Good to visit with friends and eat prime rib!

On Friday evening, enjoyed dinner with friends at Rudy’s.  Nice visit and good food.

Saturday, I worked at emptying the van so that I can go pick up my furniture.  I found some shell buttons in my purchases from Thursday.  Shell buttons were made from clam shells from the Mississippi and I have a customer who always looks for them so he will be happy.  Also purchased a jar with a n in tact Dennis Chicken products label.  For the thousands and thousands of them that were produced, don’t think I have ever bought one with a label before.  Put a photo on face book and had an immediate inquiry from Jeff Dennis.  Am sure the jar will have a good home.

Sunday saw church as usual.  So nice to have a church family to be with each week.  It was announced that there would be a short meeting immediately after church and that everyone should try to attend.  One always thinks the worst but that was not the case.  Though we would love to have more people attend and become a part of our family, all is going well.  If you do not already have a church family, please consider joining us at 10 am on Sunday morning.

Three of us headed over to check out the new DG Market on the east edge of Augusta after lunch at Rudy’s.  Was absolutely amazed!  It is a large, well-lighted, well-organized store.  It has an unbelievable variety of merchandise.  There is not just one brand of anything but many.  A whole aisle of kitty food, dog food, bath products, Hobby Lobby type merchandise, a full line of groceries and so much more.  I think they will be a huge success and welcome them to the area.  Do think that they will harm the existing grocery store and for that I am sorry.  On the other hand, competition can be healthy and perhaps each store can compliment the other.  I would welcome another antique store in the area as it would bring in more shoppers and we would not have the same merchandise.

We finally saw the sun this week and it was so welcome.  My flowers are doing great despite the many chilly and windy days.  It was even possible to get some sunset photos this week.  Hope you will be able to see the eclipse tomorrow but be sure to protect your eyes.  Have a great week and enjoy what is supposed to be more spring like weather.  Scatter Kindness and Love.


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