We Are Community for the week of Feb. 20th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 138

Our sympathy to the family and friends of Billy Whewell of Bowen who passed this week.  A friend said his proudest accomplishment was seeing all his children graduate from college.  A job well done.

I have crocus blooming!  The first spring flowers but many others are up too.  There were also honey bees on the crocus.  Have seen many geese flying north.  Happy Spring.

I bought the spoiled child, Puff, a kitty tree from Aldi.  Spent two hours putting it together for her.  Scattered cat nip over it and she largely ignored it.  Humm, some children are just a bit ungrateful.  I also purchased a spray water bottle to try to keep her off the table.  It works well when it is not behind her where she knows I can’t reach it.  Smart little kitty.

I hope you have been outside in the evening this week.  There are two very bright planets in the western sky.  Really beautiful and warm enough to sit out and enjoy them for a while.

Spent quite a bit of time this week preparing for a presentation for the Hancock County Historic Society on Saturday.  As you all know by now, I collect stoneware.  I also have an antique store with a lot of stoneware for sale.  I have a lap top which I really don’t know how to use well so I have to pack and take actual stoneware to a presentation.  The stoneware field is huge so I had to limit my scope.  Decided this week to limit my talk to Macomb, Colchester and Tennessee because they are all close and because there is so much to tell about those potteries.  Packed four picnic baskets full of stoneware and several larger crocks for the group.  Picked a lot of the items to show because of their size and took the smallest of each example.  One never knows just how a lecture will go over until it happens.  There was a great crowd.  I feel the talk went very well.  There was a lot of interaction with the audience, many of whom were friends.  Thanks to the group for asking me to speak, thanks to all of you who attended.  Thanks for all your kind comments.

I hate on line auctions.  Kyle Kelso has one going on currently for two families both of which were friends.  Tried my best not to get involved in this auction, but just had to.  Am writing this column while waiting for the soft closing.  Don’t know whether to have you wish me luck or hope I don’t get any of the bids.  Not being able to actually see the items is a problem.  Having to pay a 12% buyers fee is another problem.  I want live auctions where I can just go, bid, and bring the items home!  Would someone out here is our area please start up a new auction house!  I know quite a few people who would follow you.

Had some steak that had been in the freezer a long time.  I normally cook it on a George Foreman grill.  I also often get it too done.  Decided to slow cook it with a chopped onion, a bit of water and a dry packet of Italian seasoning.  This may not be proper “Italian beef” but it is quite good when served on a bun.  Also makes the meat go farther if you have a family.

Had a call asking me to open the store on Sunday afternoon.  I am happy to do that when I am not at a show.  Had a good afternoon with two groups of shoppers.  Thank You.

Have a great week.  Enjoy the spring weather, be sure to look at the “stars” and remember to scatter Kindness and Love.

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