We Are Community for the week of Feb 27th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 139

Living Faith UMC had a Sacrament of Holy Baptism for Lindy Jo Bollin on Sunday morning.  It was a very special service for our whole congregation.  Wonderful to have a new baby in our midst.

As it was the first Sunday in Lent, there was also the Imposition of Ashes for anyone who missed it on Ash Wednesday. This is certainly not my favorite part of Ash Wednesday because it reminds us that we came from dust and will return to dust too.

Monday, I picked up the three items I was high bidder on at the Kyle Kelso auction.  Also got all the things put back in my collections form the talk at the Historic Society.  That was no small feat as I had four picnic baskets full and many larger items to put away, but it is done.

If you shop at Hy-Vee, you know they have a fuel saver card.  I try to have several points before I use them.  Went to Carthage and needed gas so I put in my credit card then fuel saver card in the pump and then tried to pump gas.  Turned out the gas tank was empty but there was no sign on the pump.  I had to go to another pump to get my gas but of course my fuel saver points were on the empty pump.  Sigh.  Thought it could not hurt to ask at Hy-Vee if the points could be replaced as I was unable to use them.  The lady was very nice and did so even though it was no fault of Hy-Vee.  Thank you for great customer service.

We have all heard this week that former president, Jimmy Carter, is on hospice care.  I have lived through several presidencies and he has to have been the most honorable and decent man ever elected.  Our prayers are with him and his family.

The Beck Brothers were at Pop A Top Again on Saturday afternoon.  There was a great crowd for the event as cars were parked half way around the Square.   The Beck Brothers are a local musical group which have been playing for a very long time as I remember listening to them in my college years.  Very glad to have them draw people to Plymouth.

I read.  One entire wall downstairs and the hallway upstairs are lined with book shelves which are over flowing plus many boxes of books have made their way to the Book Post in Macomb. Normally I read by author.  Eventually one has to branch out as they have read every book their favorite authors have written.  Got a book for Christmas written by Colleen Hoover.  It was great.  I am fairly good at finding books on the internet so ordered another of her books.  She is a talented writer.  Both these books have been about the right way to handle a moral dilemma.  I like her writing so much that I was finishing the first book at three am.  If you are looking for a new author to read, I would highly recommend her books.  I have also figured out that if it says “#1 New York Times Best Selling Author” on the cover, that the book will most likely be a good read.

We got rain this week but much of the nation got snow, ice and storms.  We have been so lucky.  Have crocus and Lenten roses blooming and daffodils budded.  Spring is here though there may be a few hiccups still to come.  I am so ready for spring!

Have mentioned that we have new families in Plymouth.  One of them is from Kentucky.  They looked at a house in Good Hope and liked the area very much.  Though they did not get the Good Hope house, they did find one in Plymouth and moved here.  So glad to have them in Plymouth.

Enjoy the warmer weather. Watch for robins.  The geese are flying north.   Scatter Kindness and Love.



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