We Are Community for the week of March 6th, 2023, by Joyce Steiner

We Are Community 140

Merlin Dorethy passed away on March 1st.  Our sympathy to his family and friends.  He was a longtime part of the Plymouth Community and the Plymouth Methodist Church.  He will be missed.

A reminder that the Bowen School reunion will be held on Saturday, April 29th.  For reservations or information please contact Glenadene Webster, PO Box 86, Bowen, Il 62316 or lgwebster@frontiernet.net.

Jupiter and Venus have been putting on quite a show this week.  Hope you have been able to see and photograph them.  Really amazing in the western sky.

The Plymouth village Board met on Wednesday evening.  It was announced that Plymouth received a grant for $600,000 for park improvements.  If spent well, our park could be the best in the area!

The Hancock County Retired Teachers will meet Monday, March 13th at 11:30 am at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Nauvoo.  For reservations call 217 430 6487 by March 9th.

I keep telling you just how important it is to keep track of your credit card slips and compare them to your credit card bill.  As you also know, I carry several cards to maximize cash back so there are not a lot of charges on each card.  Have an Amazon card through Chase which I use for online purchases.  There was a charge I did not recognize and even after thinking about it for a couple of days could not think of a charge for that amount so called Chase.  It was an Amazon charge so they transferred me to Amazon.  I talked to three people in India.  The first man gave me his name and did nothing to resolve the issue.  Called back and got a man who gave me a different name but it was the same man and he hung up on me when he too recognized my voice.  Called a third time and got a lady who kept wanting to verify my account through email.  The problem was I did not have a prime account yet I had been charged for one.  I told her I was on the phone that the email would come to and she said “just get it off your second phone”.  Finally had her transfer me back to Chase.  Explained the situation to them and Chase took care of the problem, at least she said they would.  Someone had accessed my credit card and charged my account for their prime account.  Chase also cancelled that card and they are sending me a new one.  So, keep track of your credit card bills and your statements!

Cooking tip of the week.  If you have left over pizza and you want to heat it, try your electric skillet.  I just sprayed a bit of olive oil in the skillet  so the pizza  would not stick to the skillet and placed the pizza in the skillet.  Heat it till it is as hot as you like.  It will still have a nice crispy crust unlike if you microwave it to warm it. Of course, there is nothing wrong with cold pizza and it even makes a good breakfast.

Hope you have seen the planets or will be able to if they are still visible.  Have a great week.  Enjoy the spring flowers and the robins.  Finally saw a bunch of them today as well as an eagle and a buzzard.  Scatter kindness and love.


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